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Mountaintop Removal Mining

One of the most ecologically destructive practices, it will eliminate 2,000 square miles of Appalachia by 2012. READ MORE

Our Energy Use Is Our Responsibility
American's have become quite complacent about energy use over the last several decades. The post-war dream of the 50s, with limitless technological advancement and the friendly atom, deflected our vision from the reality of how we obtain energy. Traveling the world will tell you, though, that we enjoy the benefit of others' suffering.

People in blighted rural areas of America can tell you about it. Our love of use is killing us, and the planet we love too. Of course, here in California, we get most of our energy from Natural Gas, but the carbon footprint of incineration affects us all. With the price of Natural Gas historically tied to that of oil, we can also expect a rise in electricity prices in the next few years.

It's time for each of us to take responsibility for the energy we use, by conserving, first off, and by taking production back into our own hands. In the same way personal computers have given each of us the ability to control our own information stream, solar arrays on every rooftop will empower all of us, strengthen America economically, and make a moral statement against destruction for energy.

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